The Business Plan of your Life

by | Feb 2, 2023 | Law of attraction, Rocio Solaire Roca

The Business Plan of your Life by Rocio Solaire Roca 

I compare manifesting the life I desire to creating a business plan. Have you ever created a business Plan? A business plan is the roadmap to your business. Every business plan has a vision, mission, objectives, goals and strategies. The strategy is the action plan you will take that will lead you towards your goals which will ultimately lead you to your objectives or in this case “the life you desire”. 

I read countless books about the Law of Attraction but I always felt that something was missing. Every year I would start out positive. I would make a list of all my desires and visualize them.  I would keep a journal and create my vision board, but somehow I was still not manifesting most of my desires. Until one day, creating my business plan for the first agency I opened, it hit me like thunder! Ding Ding Ding. I was following all the right steps but I didn’t have a strategy or a plan! So I thought to myself, why don’t I design the life I want the same way I am creating this business plan? And I got to work. 

On NYE that same year, I grabbed my vision board and was shocked to see that I manifested every one of my desires and even exceeded some expectations. So let’s go over what and how I did it.

Step 1:Identify your desires

The first thing you need to do is become clear on what you want to attract into your reality. The reason why people attract by default is because most people are not clear on what they want. Another issue is, studies show that we spend most of the time complaining about the things we don’t like and the things we don’t want. Because the universe only recognizes vibrations and can’t differentiate between no and don’t, we attract everything we focus our attention and energy on. Good and bad. So grab a pen and paper and start your list. Identify at least  3 things you want to manifest in each of the following categories this year: Family. Projects. Purchases. Love. Wellness. Bliss. Finance. Remember to think, speak and only focus your energy on what you want to attract. When you catch yourself thinking negatively about anything, remember to reset and think only positive thoughts. 

Step 2:Vision Board

Now that you have identified your desires, it’s time to Create your own vision board. Find images online and in magazines that correspond to your desires and cut and paste them onto your board. Everything you wish to bring into your reality should be on your board. For example, in  2022, some of the things I pasted on my board included-the Twilight couple, the walk-in closet of my dreams and a white piano in my living room. Pictures of my family, the cover of my unpublished book, Gaga and Adele (concerts I wished to manifest). I also pasted my business card on my board with the amount of money I wanted to make that year and I made a lot more! You can manifest financial abundance too if you follow my method! I suggest that you write on your board with actual ink instead of typing on it. Writing yourself gives it more power. Once you create your board, take a picture of it using your phone and save it as your screensaver. I also found these pretty glitter boards online. Check them out- Glitter Boards

Step 3: Write your own Screenplay

Now that you have identified your desires, and copied and pasted images into your vision board, now it’s time to visualize your desires into existence. Use a manifesting journal Manifesting Journal  to Create the story of the life you wish to manifest by writing your personalized script using the images in your vision board. Let your imagination run wild. Be as detailed as possible. You will use this “movie” to perform  your daily visualization exercise. Example: When I wake up each morning I visualize myself in my new home. My bedroom overlooks my swimming pool. I know how my ceiling looks. I go inside my master bathroom. There is a round tub in the middle with a giant chandelier above and a walk in shower… I perform this visualization exercise every single day for about 10-15 minutes. I see myself in this home. I feel it. I feel the joy as if it is happening in the now. Because it’s already mine. I am confident that if it’s in my mind, I can bring it into my existence. And so can you! Because the Universe always had our back. 

Step 4: Life Business Plan

Create the business plan of your life! To accomplish this, you will need to grab each of your desires and break down your strategy into daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly goals. Example: I weigh 140 pounds and want to lose 15. My desired weight is 125 pounds. So 125 is my first quarter of the year goal. Now, what is my strategy to get to my desired goal? 

My monthly goals will be:

January-Lose 5 pounds

February-Lose 5 Pounds

March-Lose 5 Pounds

Weekly Goals:

1 hour of cardio every other day

30 minutes of weight lifting 5 days/week

Daily Goals:

Start the day with my green juice

Drink 1 gallon of water per day

Cut back on Wine and Cook all my meals

Eat 1200 calories/day. Keep a journal of my calories.

By breaking down my strategy into quarterly, monthly, weekly and then taking daily action, by March 31st I will have accomplished my goal of losing 15 pounds. You can use this method to design your own business plan and  manifest all of your own desires.

Step 5: AM Action 

Set daily actionable tasks towards your goals and complete them! Come up with your own rituals but make sure you wake up each day with gratitude and start the day giving thanks. (If you follow any sort of spirituality) PRAY-Only to give thanks and to ask for guidance throughout the day. Make sure you Meditate- quiet your mind and ask and allow your inner being to guide you through your day.  

Step 6: PM Ritual

Customize your own self care routine. This is where you will notate your accomplishments for the day and prepare for the day ahead. Unless I have an event, I prepare a nightly bubble bath, sip on a nice glass of red wine or champagne and I allow my imagination to run wild. This is where I create most of my ideas, reflect on my day and prepare for the next day. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself and every day notate three things you love and appreciate about yourself.

Step 7: Weekly check- ins

At the end of each week, (I perform my weekly rituals on Sunday nights) grab your journal and notate any wins and challenges for the past week. This is the time to reflect on the past week and prepare for the week ahead. Try to pamper yourself during this process! 

Step 8: Your Monthly Goals

Check in with yourself and see where you end up at the end of each month. Did you meet your health goals this month? Did you perform your weekly rituals? Once you review your month, see where you left off and what area needs work and prepare for the month ahead. 

Step 9: Your Quarterly Reviews

Many jobs perform quarterly reviews. Your boss sits with you and reviews your performance across all areas of your job description. This is the time to  grab your journal and your vision board and see where you are at this moment.  Depending on where you are today, assess yourself in each category  of your desires and decide if you want to tweak any area of your “life plan”. Maybe one of your strategies isn’t working so reassess your strategies and keep moving forward! 

Step 10: HAVE FUN!

Remember to enjoy each step of the process. We attract what we focus our attention on so make sure you surround yourself with the right people who are in alignment with what you wish to attract! 
For more information on how to create the business plan of your life, you can purchase  our journal by clicking on the following link:  Manifesting Journal  Written and illustrated by Rocio Solaife Roca and Yafreicy Brito Martes.