About LovinGotham

Empowering Others To Manifest A Successful Life

What is LovinGotham?

A one-stop community of self help and professional development that consists of merging spirituality with mental and physical wellness to help manifest blissful lives. One of our greatest goals is to normalize counseling and to make it accessible to all.

Who is LovinGotham?

Founded in 2020 by Rocio Solaire Roca. Inspired by her own life’s events, our CEOs vision is to help people find their purpose using a MindBodySoul approach to healing. We focus on Chakra realignment and use the wellness wheel as our guide towards healing and manifesting success. LovinGotham collaborates with representatives in each wellness wheel dimension to help you reach your goal of MindBodySoul alignment!

Why LovinGotham?

The Founder & CEO of LovinGotham was born and raised in NYC. Gotham represents NYC so the name  “LovinGotham” is  “Love in the city of New York” and/or “Loving the city of New York”.


Because Love is the essence of life. “To fear Love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead” Bertrand Russell. Love is the highest vibrating state of being. LOVE has the power to heal, share and multiply the best that we have.

Why a MindBodySoul Approach?

Because we believe we are spiritual beings, living a short physical experience. So in order to manifest all our earthly desires, we must also feed our soul which is the part that’s everlasting. And in order to live a healthy and abundant life, the mind and the body must also be well nourished.

Join us on this beautiful human journey of self-discovery and together let’s manifest a better world!