Manifesting Journal Paperback – January 6, 2023

by: Rocio Solaire Roca (Author), Yafreicy Brito (Author)
Print length: 429 pages
Language: English
Publication date: January 6, 2023
Dimensions: 5.5 x 1.01 x 8.5 inches

How To use this Journal: Step 1: Identify Identify your desires by Writing at least 3 things you wish to manifest in each of the following categories this year: family. projects. purchases. LOVE. health. bliss. finance Step 2: Vision Board Create a vision board by cutting/pasting the 3 things you would like to manifest in each category. Step 3: Write your Screenplay Create the story of the life you wish to manifest by writing your personalized script using the images on your vision board. Let your imagination run wild. Be as detailed as possible. You will use this “movie” to perform your daily visualization exercise. Step 4 Life Business Plan Create the business plan of your life! Have you ever created a business Plan? Every business plan has a vision, mission, objectives, goals, and strategies. The strategy is the action plan you will take that will lead you toward your goals which will ultimately lead you to your objectives or in this case “the life you desire”. To accomplish this you will need to grab each of your desires and break down your strategy into daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals. Step 5: Action list the daily actions you are taking toward your goals. Wake up with gratitude and start the day by giving thanks. PRAY-Only to give thanks and ask for guidance throughout the day. Meditate- quiet your mind and ask and allow your inner being to guide you throughout your day. Step 5 Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly assessments Customize your own weekly self-care ritual. list your accomplishments for the week and plan your week ahead.At the end of each month see where you’re at and plan for the month ahead. use the wellness wheel after each quarter to rate yourself in each category.