What do we take to the other side?

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On May 24, 2020, I had my own encounter with the spiritual realm. I don’t pretend to
know everything about anything or to have all the answers about life and creation. But
when I had that incredible experience, among other things, I knew I wanted to share
with the world that I know what we take to the other side. From my perception.

What we take with us to the other side is how we feel, what we give and most
importantly how we make others feel.

Today is Selena’s birthday and on her birthday I
feel inspired to expose my feelings and perception about life after death. 28 years have
passed since Selena said goodbye to the physical world, and yet I still think of her a lot.
Sometimes I spend hours watching her videos, and interviews. I often repost pictures
and live performances of her. In every one of her interviews, she gives me goosebumps.
Her smile is so contagious and brings me instant joy. I never met her but the love in her
heart transmits and pours through my cellphone screen and makes its way into my own
heart. When I browse through her husband’s posts, I can feel all the love he still carries
for her in his heart. After all this time, her legacy still lives on. WHY? Because she was a
being of LOVE and LIGHT. She left a beautiful musical legacy. Her songs are still
reproduced and still breaking records. But most importantly, she left a legacy of LOVE.
Not only did she love her husband and family. She loved and she trusted everyone
blindly. And maybe her kindness and innocence contributed to her end in the physical
world but I also believe she was rewarded with an eternity in a beautiful place some of
us call HEAVEN. It is my firm belief that this beautiful soul took only Love to the other

Because this is what I felt when I myself during my brief visit to the other side. I felt
every feeling I had felt throughout my whole existence.

So if you believe this to be true, ask yourself what memory you would like to leave
behind when your time is up? And how do you want to start living your life? NOW?

Let’s explore…


My all time favorite movie has always been GHOST. I believe that whoever wrote this
screenplay must have had an encounter with death because it is a very accurate
description of my own experience with the afterlife. In the ending scene, Sam Wheat
tells his lover Molly-”it’s amazing Molly. The love inside. You take it with you”. My
whole body is in goosebumps right now as I write this. This is exactly what I felt during
my experience. Which is why when I woke up I remembered I had always been
obsessed with love and hearts and I made it my life’s mission to try to love as much as I
can. But if we take the love, do we also take the hate? The answer is, a sad YES.

How we feel-Love and Hate
When we live a life of misery, fear and bitterness, that is what we will carry over to the
other side. Every single negative feeling starts in our minds. Therefore, we have the
power to control the outcome of our feelings. We cannot control how others feel, but we
are in total control of how we react to them. We can choose to be happy. We can choose
to LOVE. We can choose to be grateful. We just have to focus on the positive. But
everything must start with us. We must learn to love and accept ourselves before we can
love and accept others. Our ability to love and share kindness with others will depend
on how much we love ourselves, and how kind we are to our bodies, our mind and our
heart and soul. How can we hate ourselves and love another? Ask yourself today “AM I
loving myself and others? Am I sharing kindness and happiness with the world?” Or
am I living a life of conflict? With myself and others? If we believe we will take
everything we feel to the other side, ask yourself today, do you want to take hate or love
to the other side and for eternity?

During my experience with “DEATH”, at first I felt excruciating anxiety in the form of
guilt. I soon learned that this feeling of guilt was coming from my lack of gratitude. In
an instant I realized that I was living my life with lack of gratitude. I knew then that if I
had the chance to come back, the first thing I needed to do was to start living in
gratitude. I remember when I woke up, I felt an overflow of pure bliss. Something I had
never felt before. I remember feeling grateful for everything and everyone! My
apartment, backyard, the flowers, the weather. Every day, from the moment we wake
up, we fail to realize that life is a gift. And that from the moment we open our eyes, our
first thought should be-THANKS. Thank you God, universe (feel free to insert your
belief here) for another day. When we brush our teeth, we should be thankful for the
running water that comes out of the faucet. When we go to the kitchen and make our
coffee, we forget to be thankful for the gas that will heat our coffee, followed by our
breakfast, lunch, dinner. Every second of the day, everything and every circumstance
that comes our way, we should be grateful that we get to experience it.

How we make others feel-Karma and Oneness
Have you ever heard of the term ONENESS and KARMA? If you haven’t, in the near
future, I plan on writing many articles on the subjects, but for now, Google these terms.
Regardless of what your spiritual belief is, I am sure you have heard these words “Do
unto others as you would have them do unto you”. When Jesus recited these words to
his apostles, there was a much deeper meaning than what most people think.

People often misinterpret the concept of Karma simply as everything you do will come
to you. I think what most fail to realize is that the laws of KARMA are so much more
complex. Karma isn’t just you stole from me so someone else will steal from you. More
importantly, Karma is what you carry onto the other side. And it stays with you forever.
The reason for this is that we are all connected through Oneness.

When I was on the other side, I was able to feel everything I had made others feel.
Throughout my whole lifetime. So the question is why and how? Well, simply put, the
same way we are connected to our birth parents and our siblings through DNA, every
living thing, not just humans, is connected to one another. If we believe we came from
the same source, why is it so difficult to believe that we are connected to someone we
never met on the other side of the world. A plant, an animal.The ocean.

Compassion is a clue
The beauty of creation lies in its mystery. When we choose to come here and live this
physical experience, we must forget everything. But there are many clues to help guide
us along the way. One clue that we are all connected is the feeling of compassion. When
we watch a horrifying story onscreen even though we don’t know these people, we feel
sad. We cry when we read or watch another news story about a school shooting. Why
do we feel sad? We don’t know these kids or these parents? Because even though there
is a veil that prevents us from seeing the whole truth, we are all connected. And
although that connection is not as clear when we are in physical form, it becomes crystal
clear when we cross over. And in an instant, we are able to FEEL every single emotion
and/or physical pain we have made everyone in our lifetime feel. Every time you insult
someone, get angry at them, push, beat, badger. Let me be clear. Again. When you cross
over, In one instant, you will feel everything you made others feel. You feel the exact
thing you made others feel. All of it. In an instant.

I know that when I woke up from this “spiritual journey” I was able to feel ultimate
bliss. I felt connected to a plant, a dog (I don’t like dogs). I smiled at every stranger
walking down the street. And I decided that I would start living the way I Wanted to
continue living in the afterlife. Thanks to this unique experience, I was able to find my
purpose which was the creation of my LovinGotham program. A program that exposes
my perception of how we are supposed to approach and navigate this wonderful
experience we call-life. The ultimate lesson for me was a reminder to live my life in
LOVE and gratitude and to pursue everything and everyone that brings me joy. With
this newfound mindset, also came the ability to forgive and let go and to say goodbye to
people and situations that complicated my life and brought me drama and inspired
negative feelings. Because the one part about KARMA that people miss is that karma is
blind. Karma doesn’t care about who hurts who first. If someone inflicts pain onto you
and you fire back, you both get to answer to KARMA. So one of my suggestions is that
you revisit your life and determine who and what needs to go. Now. because your soul
depends on it.

So with all this in mind, how will you start living your life? NOW?

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Blessings, Solaire Love

In Memory of our beautiful Latin Princess. Gone, but never forgotten-Selena Quintanilla
Perez April 16, 1971-FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS

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