The Loveless generation

by | Feb 2, 2023 | Love

Loveless Generation by Rocio Solaire Roca 

“To fear love is to fear life itself. And if you fear life, you’re already dead”

We are living in an era where it seems that everyone has lost the ability to truly love or they are so afraid of heartbreak that they will rather not try. 

As Women continue to advance in their careers, they continue to preach that they don’t need a man. While men claim there are too many options to commit to only one. It seems as though everyone is in their own corner pretending that we don’t need each other. 

This is causing many other issues. Like Depression. I notice that with the rise of dating apps and “options”,  depression and suicide is also on the rise. Because the truth is that we were built to have human connection. No matter how technologically advanced we become, in our core one thing remains-we want to fall In love and be loved in return. So how do we find our way back to love? 


When we were shut down, we lost the ability to be with our loved ones. We couldn’t socialize with our friends. One of the saddest tragedies we saw happen before our eyes was the death of family members and friends who died alone because their loved ones couldn’t be present when they took their last breath. Through all this,  I remember my single friends saying that when the shut down was over, they would find a partner! I read countless articles and social media posts about single people complaining about loneliness. But it didn’t quite  happen. As we started to go back to normal, it seems we all fell back into our sad, selfish little lives full of fear. The fear of love.

So let’s take a trip down the LOVE lane and remind ourselves of everything we’ve been missing. 

True intimacy 

Every orgasm doesn’t feel the same. Because if we are not spiritually connected to someone, what happens after the sexual act is over? I’ve never had a one night stand,  but speaking to friends who have, men and women alike seem to describe the same situation. Once the sexual act is over,  an awkward feeling of silence arises and they want this person gone! 

Ride or Die

Whatever happened to finding that partner created just for you. Your ride or die no matter what. When you spend your life jumping from bed to bed, are you bonding with any of these people? Will any of them be there for you if anything dramatic happens? If you lose your job. If you end up in jail? Become disabled? 


It’s all fun when you’re young and have an active social life but what do we have to look forward to  when we age? As we age, our social circle becomes smaller and smaller and we find ourselves being drawn to our home more and more. What will you have to look forward to when you come home to an empty bed? Who will hug you at night? 

In sickness and In health

What about an unexpected sickness? The older we get, the faster our health deteriorates. If we don’t invest in a long term relationship now, then you’re on your own in sickness. Because no one wakes up one day and says let me spend the rest of my life changing your diapers! Unless we invest in one another while we’re still young and healthy, the odds of finding someone when you’re old alone, broke and unhealthy, the odds become extremely thin then. 

Take the risk 

So what if we all just take the risk and Allow ourselves to be vulnerable. There’s a Spanish Marc Anthony song that describes Love as “it is better to fail in the attempt to love.  To feel this beautiful emotion, even if it’s for a short second is better than to not try at all.  Because although heartbreak hurts like hell to love and be loved is the true essence of life”.  And anyone who has ever loved can vouch for this! I would go back to 2016 100 times and fall in love with my G over and over again. Regardless of knowing how it ends and the excruciating agony I felt for two years after the breakup. Because to love him was my miracle and my purpose in this lifetime. 

“Love is only for the brave. To fear Love is to reject life itself”

Make the investment.

Take the leap of faith.

Love. Because it’s priceless. But so so so worth it. 

With Love, Solaire Love ❤️