I am not afraid

by | Apr 6, 2023 | Life, Rocio Solaire Roca

I am not afraid by Rocio Solaire Roca 

I no longer allow others to weaken my strength

I no longer allow society to tie my worth as a woman to a man, because a man does not define my worth 

YOU think I’m a target because YOU think I need a male to defend me from your unwarranted and aimless attacks

I don’t need a man to protect me 

I protect ME

I don’t need a man to stand up for me

I stand up for me 

Why should I live in fear and feel vulnerable because I choose to be single? 

Why should I be forced to crawl back into a dark hole and go away when a man abuses me, disrespects Me, and  threatens me? 

Why should  I allow a couple of misogynist little men to intimidate me and silence me?


You  pretend to be offended and in retaliation you use your maleness to try to intimidate me. To try to silence me. But deep down you and I both know you are not offended. The truth is that Deep down You’re just afraid of me. Because my strength weakens your fragile little ego. You’re afraid of the words that come out of my mouth because you know that when I speak. When I Speak,  I speak the truth. The truth that your ancestors have done a hell of a great job at hiding. Every time I stand up to you and that awful bullying misogyny you represent, you shrink more and more. Weaker and weaker. Every time I stand up to you I get closer to unveiling the truth

The truth 

That women are beyond amazing. That We can bear our children, take care of you, the household and still get up and go back to business. That you can  break our hearts into a thousand pieces over and over and over and we still find the courage to smile and to love again. That we have to work 10x as hard as YOU to attempt to get to your “level” and when we reach that level you do everything in your power to sabotage that success. And even after all the obstacles you do a hell of a job at throwing our way, even after that, we get up. Again And Again.

 We overcome

 We succeed

And then we cash in

I am invincible 

I am undefeated

I want a man. But I don’t need a man

I don’t need a man. I want a man

And your biggest fear is that I have finally learned the difference 

Inspired by true events…

With LOVE, Solaire LOVE