Divorce and the impact on children

by | Apr 18, 2023 | Life, Yafreicy Brito

Does divorce impact children’s sentimental relationships as an adult? Or being raised in a divorced family does not have any influence on the sentimental relationship of children as an adult?  What do you think?

Childhood plays an important part in our development, not seeing the parent figure together or in a functional relationship can be negatively influential. And perhaps marriage will not be seen as serial or essential. What you have in your environment becomes normal to you, your culture, habits, family values, friends, and even the schools you attend will highly impact your future. Research has proven that children who grow up in a divorced family in most cases can see their own sentimental life affected because they follow the same patterns. ( a child that always sees his father drinking and mistreating his mom most likely will be alcoholic and violent as an adult). If they never see their parent giving love to each other they do not have that role model. Is essential to understand that children tend to copy everything they see. And of course, will be more difficult if they have to learn it later on. Another conflict is If they see their parent arguing a lot they may not know how to solve problems with their significant other. Therefore you as a parent have to be very careful how you behave in front of your children. I conducted interviews and surveys by asking questions about their love life. A sample of ten was single and the other ten were in a relationship. Based on their response and other reliable sources the conclusion was  that divorce correlates were children’s sentimental life as an adult. 85% of the interviewees state that they encounter many issues when it comes to sentimental relationships just because of what they experienced as a child. 

Of the factors that are important to understand when it comes to the impact parents have in our life is the law of the mirror. We either become a reflection of our parents or the opposite. Sometimes people get frustrated because they want to get out of poverty, but work in the same way their parent work. In other cases, women tend to end up with the case quality men as their fathers. In most cases, people are not aware of this influential situation, and yes, they end up frustrated and regretting many things. Thank GOD nowadays we have all these resources/tools. And if you are here reading this article is because you are awake, and looking to change your situation. 

Remember that this issue can also be reflected in many other aspects of your life, such as your job, and the relationship you have with your coworker and friends. Your social life and last but not least your mental health. 

One takes someone told me, invest in what nobody can take away from you. THAT IS KNOWLEDGE.  


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