It’s All your fault!

by | Mar 3, 2023 | Law of attraction, Rocio Solaire Roca

According to the teachings of the Law of Attraction, we can only attract what we give our
attention to. So, if we’re programmed to think negative thoughts about a particular aspect of our
lives, the universe will continue to send more of the same stuff! So, in order to shift this
perspective, a key factor is to take ownership of everything that happens to us.

Seven years ago, I started to take back charge of my life by seeking therapy, practicing the law
of attraction, and connecting to my spirituality. But speaking to my therapist a couple of days
ago, made me realize that I am still living in victim mode. I have come such a long way into
healing. However, during our session she shined a light on the parts of me that still need a lot of

Why do we think that we can erase and reset 40 years of negative programming in 2-3 years?
During my session with my therapist this week, I realized that in order for me to continue making
progress in all areas of my life, I still have a ton of work to do and the key is to do so on a
consistent basis!

Victim mode-
It takes two to tango! I am still blaming others for my misery. When we blame third parties for situations that happen to us, we are giving all our power away. What we are saying is that we are not in control of our lives. That it’s the other person who is in charge. But When we take ownership of every situation that comes our way, then this can only mean that we are in total control to fix it or change it.

Emotional intelligence-
I am still allowing others to control my emotions. I allowed someone who was in my life for less than two weeks to take over my emotions to the point where I ended in bed depressed for almost a week! Giving others so much power over our emotions, is detrimental to our wellbeing and sets us back. We must continue to do our inner work and use every tool available to help us guard and remain in control of our own emotions.

Consistency-I got the roadmap, but am I using it effectively in order to get to my desired
destination? Am I applying the tools I have acquired to everyday life? With myself and others?
Consistently and daily?

In my case, I keep repeating certain negative patterns of behavior. I continue to attract the same
type of people. Why? I got the tools now. I know what my issue is and where it stems from. So
why did I fall for it once again? Because even though I have done extensive work, I am still
holding on to the same negative beliefs I picked up at childhood. Next, let’s explore why we
hang on to these beliefs and how to dissolve all the negative patterns once and for all.

My inner circle
Although I do the inner work, and I take action steps towards my goals, I continue to have the same negative conversations with my friends! Bingo. If we want to stop attracting the same circumstances, we must be willing to do, think and say things differently. If we believe we attract everything we give our attention to, well I’ve been doing all this inner work but my actions are still contradicting. Words are powerful. And whether we’re listening to individuals complain or we ourselves are speaking negatively, this can only have a negative impact in our lives. It can be no other way. Energy flows where our attention goes!

Whatever we are holding on to in the unconscious mind, needs confirmation in the conscious
mind! For instance, I have created an agreement with myself and my inner circle that men of this
generation are non-commital and emotionally unavailable. On the surface it seems as if I’m
doing everything right to attract my ideal partner. I pray, meditate, stare at my vision board 2-3
times per day, and I visualize this man into existence daily. However, when I speak to my
friends, one is getting divorced, the other one is always complaining about her partner, and the
others seem to be going on back to back dates from hell with non-commital men. So, two
weeks ago I started talking to a man who seemed to check all the boxes on my list and
convinced me he was looking to start a committed relationship. But take a guess on how this

That’s right. You guessed it! Less than two weeks after initiating daily conversations with me and
agreeing that we were both looking for the same things, he panicked. He did a 180 on me and
told me he was not ready for a relationship! But isn’t this what I continue to focus on during the
majority of my conversations with my friends? It makes perfect sense that whatever we focus
our attention to is what life will continue to throw our way.

So How do we fix these negative agreements that we have made with ourselves? We keep
pushing through using the tools we have already learned along the way. But we have to do this
work consistently.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of repeating the same negative patterns of behavior. I am
tired of living my life attracting by default. I know that starting today, I have made a pact with my
friends to stop the negative talk and try to focus only on the things I want to attract.

So let’s make a pact. With ourselves and each other. Together, let’s shut off the cruise control,
grab that steering wheel and take charge of the rest of the road ahead!

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Until we meet again, Good luck manifesting!

With Love, Solaire Love