Beauty is deeper than Skin

by | Feb 1, 2023 | Bliss, Yafreicy Brito

Real beauty starts from the inside out.

Nightly routines

I perform this nightly  ritual not only for external purposes but for my mental health as well. Having a healthy night routine can provide us with better sleep quality. Your activities before bed can have an impact on how well we can rest during the night, and will impact our productivity the next day. We all know that  Poor quality of  sleep can bring grave consequences both  physically and mentally. 

In our daily routines, everything we do is on automatic pilot.  And We are not fully aware of how much we exceed our bodies and minds on a daily basis. That is why our nighttime routine is the time to give love to ourselves and to express appreciation and wash away all the stress of the day. This is our thanks to our bodies and minds who carry us throughout the day.


What you eat before bed will have an impact on your sleep quality. Make sure you don’t eat too heavy and give yourself a few hours in between. 


Take a Nice shower And While you wash your face and body, visualize yourself washing away all the stress, anger, frustration you had to face today. 

While you moisturize your face and body try to  say positive affirmations  to yourself. 

Light a candle and/or listen to relaxing spa-like music


Relax your mind and write your thoughts down. Or you may use this time to reflect on the day and plan ahead for tomorrow.

Read 1-2  pages of a book/article. 

Make plans for the next day, a To-Do LIST will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed about the things you need to accomplish the next day and will help you stay organized and aware of your priorities. Remember to keep your list short, just write down 8-10 tasks.


If you practice any sort of spirituality, meditating and/praying before bed works miracles. 

Implement your night time routine, and your mind, body and soul will thank you for that!!